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Take back control of your health and diet with ready-to-eat Healthy Meals delivered to your door.

Benefits of a Healthy Diet?


Weight Loss


Lean Muscle


Food Cravings

Sample Meals Include


Chimichurri Meatballs


Lemon Rosemary Chicken Thighs


Beef Stir Fry


Chicken Pesto Roulade


Grilled Salmon


Shrimp and Smoky

Who is Healthy Food Kit For?

Healthy Food Kit was created for anyone who wants to live a healthier lifestyle and doesn't have the time to shop for groceries and cook every week.

Some of the reasons you want to try Healthy Food Kit:

  • Lose Weight in a safe way through healthy eating
  • Get back into shape and need some help eating healthier
  • You don't have the time to cook or prepare meals
  • You don't like eating the same boring foods and want fresh, delicious meals

Start Your Transformation Today!

I lost over 100 pounds using the diet strategies from Healthy Food Kit. Boy does it feel great to say that!

However, things were not that great for me starting out. I was at the point where my health was at risk and something had to change. I actually had to walk around with a cane due to my back problems. I felt like I lost control of my life and health. I knew something had to change.

I was a little nervous at first as I was not sure if it was going to work. After I had lost my first 10 pounds, it was GAME OVER from that point. I ended up losing over 100 pounds as you can see from my photos and gained a world of confidence.

The meals were great because I did not have to eat the same boring foods over and over again.

Healthy Food Kit taught me that the #1 key is to be consistent and that is what I did. The end results speak for themselves. Thanks again for all of the help and support. I OWE MY LIFE TO Healthy Food Kit! Thanks Again!

Micheal Fortin Canada

Like most people, I have always struggled with my weight. I began trying Healthy Food Kit and was seeing steady results (losing an avg. 2-3 lbs a week).

It became especially hard to find the time and the energy to continue to exercise after sitting at a desk for 10+ hours a day and traveling often for work. I would eat what I could to stay efficient on the job, which was usually some form of fast food.

It wasn’t until about mid-March of this year that I started feeling disgusted with myself, the way I felt physically, the way clothes barely fit anymore and the fact that I hated looking at myself in the mirror. This was finally the point where I decided to take action and take control of my life. Although my work life still requires sitting at a desk for 10+ hours a day and traveling, I decided I would not let that get in the way of a healthy lifestyle.

So after talking to Healthy Food Kit and how best apply their plan, we decided I had to find the time to consistently eat clean (no more eating out, no more sweets) and make the time to exercise.

By keeping up with this routine of eating Healthy Meals and working out 4-5 days a week, I have lost approximately 18 lbs in just 2 months! This plan really works, all you have to do is make the decision to do it, and follow it through.

I have so much more energy now and the best part, I fit into clothes I haven’t fit into in years! I absolutely recommend Healthy Food Kit!

Jackie AnthonyFlorida

People Who Trust & Use Healthy Food Kit

One of the biggest challenges for me is finding the time to cook healthy meals. Healthy Food Kit has allowed me to take the guess work out of the equation so that I can know that I am eating the right foods to stay lean and build muscle.

Hugo Rivera Best Selling Fitness Author (2 Million Copies Sold)

As a busy mom, I find it difficult to cook regularly. I am so glad I found Healthy Food Kit as I know I am eating healthy and have more time to spend with my family every day. Plus the food tastes great!

Jacqueline Alayon Busy Mom

Our Money Back Guarantee

We’re so confident and believe you’ll experience the results you desire from Healthy Food Kit that we’re going to give you a no question asked, money back guarantee up to the first 7 meals you order ($108 value).

If for any reason you aren’t satisfied, contact our support team and we’ll issue a refund.

Still Have Questions? All of Your Questions Answered Below

Currently we’ll give you a new menu each week with our flavorful Healthy meals.  This includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.

You have the option to select new meals each week from our a la carte option or we’ll pick them for you.  The choice is yours.

Just log in to your account and select what you’d like.

You’ll receive 7 meals a week to start.  These meals can be for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  If you’d like, you can select all 3 options.

You have the option to select up to 21 meals a week if you’d like.

You’ll receive your meals on either Thursday or Friday depending on where you live.  For the state of Florida, you’ll receive them on Thursday via Fed Ex. If you live anywhere else, you’ll receive them Friday. You also have the ability to receive meals once a monthly, bi-weekly or turn off your subscription if you’re going out of town.  Just log in and change the options.
You won’t have to cook.  All of our meals are cooked by a world class chef.  We’ll ship them in a special package so they stay fresh.  You’ll then receive them in a box at your door step.  Once you receive them, simply store them in the fridge and microwave them when you’re ready to eat.
You’ll receive your orders every week by default.  However, we give you the option to change your subscription as you wish.  For example, you can receive meals every other week, once a month and even pause when you’re out of town.  Simple log in and select your preference.
You’ll receive your package in a special Eco-Friendly box that is insulated for meals to last up to 3 days and still stay fresh.  We’ve gone back and forth with my suppliers as to what the best solution would be and the current option is by far the best!
We accept American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and Pay Pal
Once your order is placed, we’ll send you an email with information on how to track your order and when it is expected to arrive.  For any other questions, feel free to contact us by email.

We’re so confident and believe you’ll experience the results you desire from Healthy Food Kit that we’re going to give you a no question asked, money back guarantee up to the first 7 meals you order ($108 value).

If for any reason you aren’t satisfied, contact our support team and we’ll issue a refund.

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